What we do

We help healthcare organisations to realise their plans for delivering future care models by assisting them to:

Build the right partnerships
Access the right support


Orielton offers extensive experience in improving the delivery of health and care services, including:

  • Care Models: Delivery of new approaches such as Integrated Care Systems
  • Patients: Engaging with patients and the community
  • Efficiencies: Delivering efficiency savings, especially through corporate and support services
  • Technology: Delivering benefits from digital and technology services
  • Infrastructure: Maximising the value from healthcare property and infrastructure
  • Partnerships: Strategic partnerships and commercial development

Drawing on 30 years’ experience in improving the delivery of health and care services, we assist NHS organisations to deliver improvements, and suppliers to enhance the services they offer to the NHS. We can offer particular value in advising on the procurement and partnering processes that bring these two parties together.


  • NHS/Commercial: Supporting NHS organisations wishing to secure the benefits of partnering with the private sector and commercial organisations developing business in the Health Sector
  • NHS/NHS: Working with NHS organisations seeking to work together to deliver place-based and Integrated Care plans
  • Public Sector/Community: Working with NHS and other public sector organisations seeking to engage more closely with patients and their community in developing and delivering new services
  • Neutral Broker: Providing a neutral perspective to ensure partnerships work effectively rather than mediating when things go wrong, this role ensure things continue to go right
  • Resource activation: An organisations people, its property & infrastructure, and the digital & technology services it can access, are all critical resources, especially when seeking to deliver new services in new ways. With a network of people experienced in securing the best out of each of these, we can ensure key resources are fully activated to deliver your future plans