About us

A different type of organisation

We have established Orielton and The Network to offer the best way possible of delivering practical support in some of the key areas that will help make future models of healthcare a reality. Its not just an organisation, but a network.

Those involved bring many years experience not just of being there and doing it, but also of working with each other. We bring new insights, for example, the commercial sector experience of Neil Griffiths who has spent 30 years working in healthcare, 7 of them reporting to the main board of a FTSE 100 company as lead for the health sector. Our network of experienced individuals and groups know how to deliver innovation in health and care, including improving productivity and introducing new technology.

We have experience working with the NHS and local government, and their partners and suppliers, and perhaps most importantly, in bringing each of these together to deliver improved services for patients.

We bring experience of working both inside public sector organisations, and with them through commercial organisations, helping both the NHS and its suppliers to meet key challenges, including delivering Integrated Care Systems, driving efficiencies, improving infrastructure, introducing new technology and getting the benefits of digital services.

Offering a different approach

We want to enable you to get the kind of support you need, from the people best placed to provide it. We aim to offer a one-stop-shop, but one thats a bit different.

There are two kinds of one-stop-shop those that try to do everything for you, and those that provide a single point of access to a network offering what you need. Our aim is to offer both. The convenience of one organisation delivering where you need that, but also access to a network of experienced, senior professionals who know how to deliver new enterprises, new technologies, new partnerships, and engagement with patients and the public.

You get practical support through our network, operating in a way that delivers the greatest level of experience and capability in the most cost effective way.

Core Team

Neil Griffiths

Neil began his career in the NHS as a clinical scientist, and has 30 years’ experience working in and with health systems in the UK and internationally. He worked for Capita from 2002 to 2017, leading the Groups work with the Health Sector for the last 7 years, and reporting directly to the main Board. He continues to act as Capitas Strategic Adviser for the Sector, and has unrivalled experience in bringing together the commercial disciplines of the corporate sector and the public service ethos of the NHS.


Neil has significant experience in assisting healthcare organisations to introduce innovation and improve quality, and a strong interest in developing and introducing new products and services to the sector, beginning by developing new techniques to measure Diagnostic X-rays whilst working as an NHS clinical scientist over 30 years ago.


A particular focus of his work in the past has been clinical risk, governance and patient safety, as well as reconfiguration and cost savings within health services. Neil has a Masters degree in Medical Radiation Physics, and worked for the commercial arm of the UK Atomic Energy Authority from 1989 to 1996 developing healthcare applications for nuclear technologies, during which time he registered a number of UK and international patents and became an early advocate of proton beam therapy.

Lise Griffiths

Lise has a number of years experience in delivering service user engagement at the front line in local communities. She has worked in the third sector on a scheme to identify and support frail elderly people and service users in their communities, and currently works on an engagement project for a local Healthwatch, as well as in a public health role for a local authority.